$200 School Voucher 2024: Overview, Eligibility Requirements, And Application Procedure

The $200 School Voucher 2024 is available to all preschoolers, homeschooling families, and children of school age. The $200 is provided to purchase a range of useful products and services that will set pupils up for success in 2024.

$200 School Voucher 2024; Source- 9News


The Territory Labor Government believes it is critical to assist Territorians with their cost of living. As a result, the Territory Labor Government supports the popular Back to School Payment Scheme.

As part of the initiative, parents and guardians of children attending Territory schools will receive an additional $50 in 2024, for a total of $200 per kid.

Regardless of whether they are pursuing studies in a public or private educational institution, all properly registered students attending homeschooling preschoolers, and students in general are eligible for this $200 School Voucher 2024.

By the conclusion of Term 1, the $200 Back to School payment plan can be redeemed at each child’s school for necessities such as textbooks, uniforms, and stationery. Also, you can use it as credit towards field trips, overnight camps, and tuition.

In addition, families are eligible for a $100 sports voucher for each child per semester. This coupon is valid at over 350 sport and leisure providers in the Territory.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Returns on goods or services are not accepted.
  • Schools and school councils may recommend things that you can purchase from the school. But, the products and services have to be affordable, and parents and students must be able to own or utilize the products or services.
  • Within such guidelines, parents ultimately determine how to spend the money.
  • It is not possible to move the entitlement to another school.

Application Procedure

  • If your child is transitioning to year 12, you can claim your entitlement from the school where he or she first enrolled during term one.
  • Merchandise is available only at the school.
  • No documentation is required to use the entitlement.

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