$2111/M Extra OAS Increase 2024: Overview, Eligibility Requirements, And Payment Schedule

Canada’s government has announced a new increase for an ageing population, which is a $2111/M Extra OAS Increase 2024.

$2111/M Extra OAS Increase 2024
$2111/M Extra OAS Increase 2024; Source- Zee Business

To lessen their financial burden, the elders will now get an additional sum. The payout, which is more than financial help, will be made sent to their accounts of all qualified seniors.


The CRA is the only federal government agency in Canada that pays seniors’ OAS benefits every month. The cash is being handed to the senior residents of the Nation who have been famished owing to lack of funds.

Retired citizens only receive a fixed income, which is insufficient to cover their needs. The diligent elders have contributed so much to the nation that making ends meet has become practically difficult.

The CRA has now agreed to include an extra payment of $2111 per month in the existing Old Age Security benefits. Seniors who have been struggling with food and medical expenses can now easily make their payments.

These additional payments will begin in May 2024 and will be paid in addition to the present OAS benefit that citizens receive. All elders can now enjoy their golden years with dignity because they can use this benefit for a long vacation or house remodelling.

The CRA’s objective is to examine the benefits for seniors and ensure that the golden years live true to their name. The elders will now be free of financial insecurity and will enjoy a future filled with hope, knowing that they will be able to meet their basic needs.

Title $2111/M Extra OAS Increase 2024
Organization Name Canada Revenue Agency
Country Canada
Benefit Name Old Age Security Payment
Beneficiaries The ones already getting OAS payment
Payment Amount $2111 extra per month
Payment mode Online
$2111/M Extra OAS Increase Payment Date 2024 May 2024

Eligibility Requirements

  • If you live in Canada, you can receive the payout.
  • If you are over the age of 64, you will receive the payout.
  • You lived in Canada for ten years, beginning when you are eighteen.
  • You have already been receiving OAS benefits, You will be receiving the CPP payment.

Payment Schedule

The CRA has not specified when citizens will receive the new supplementary payment of $2111 per month. The benefit will begin in May 2024, but the exact date of disbursement remains unclear.

The CRA will soon announce the $2111/M Extra OAS Increase Payment Date 2024, from when seniors will begin receiving benefits.

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