$2131 GIS Increase 2024: Overview, Eligibility Requirements, Application Procedure, Payment Amount

For citizens with low incomes and few resources for survival, a monthly non-refundable payment known as the Guaranteed Income Supplement is provided. The $2131 GIS Increase will be paid to residents who currently receive the GIS payment as a one-time payment. The citizens’ bank accounts will get the $2131 GIS Increase from canada.ca.

$2131 GIS Increase 2024: Overview

Citizens 65 years of age or older have been receiving a monthly payment from the Canada Revenue Agency in the form of the Guaranteed Income Supplement. The GIS is a non-refundable sum for the qualified individuals who are currently receiving OAS benefits.

The CRA offers incentives to its people in an effort to assist the elderly in meeting their basic needs. The people who have built the nation are the seniors. The good news is that seniors will soon get a larger one-time payment to help with their medical and food expenses. The inhabitants now have to decide whether to pay for their food or their medical costs.

$2131 GIS Increase 2024
$2131 GIS Increase 2024; Source- MoneySense

$1065.47 is the monthly stipend made to citizens, including widows, single mothers, and divorced people. The government has made the decision to enhance the current payout in order to give inhabitants a higher quality of life. For the year 2024, the qualifying citizens will get a one-time payment of $2131.

 The amount of the GIS Increase Payment Amount may be paid in full or in installments, and it will be deposited into the citizens’ bank accounts.

 GIS Increase 2024: Eligibility Requirements

  • You are a Canadian citizen.
  • You aren’t younger than 65 years old.
  • You receive Old Age Security benefits.
  • Your annual income does not exceed $21624.
  • The income threshold limit determines your eligibility for GIS

$2131 GIS Increase 2024: Application Procedure

  • You must first determine whether or not to apply for the payment.
  • Collect information such as SIN, banking information, spouse data, payment start date, and other details.
  • Send in your online application.
  • Receive a reply from the CRA.
  • Using your login credentials, check the status of your application.
  • Give 90 days’ notice if you disagree with the ruling.

$2131 GIS Increase 2024: Payment Amount


Recipients  Yearly Income    GIS Payment per month 
Single, Widower or Divorcee Less than $21624 $1065.47
Spouse Getting Full OAS Less than $28560 $641.35
Spouse Not Getting Full OAS Less than 39984 $1065.47
Spouse Getting Allowance Less than 51840 $641.35

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