$500 Monthly Checks Payment 2024: Know Eligibility & Selection Procedure

The $500 Monthly Checks Payment 2024 is anticipated to be available by the end of April 2024. But it has not yet been made public. The new $500 payments every month that have been approved for a year will be made in April 2024.

Residents of Tacoma will also have access to the additional attached payment offered by the new stimulus check for people. Those chosen from among the applications will be entitled to a monthly payment.

The people who fulfill the qualifications for the $500 Monthly Checks Eligibility 2024 will receive their money. With the provided information, you will get a comprehensive guide to the new versions on the per-month checks.


$500 Monthly Checks Payment 2024: Date


Income support has been made available by the IRS to eligible residents who fall into certain low-income categories. The new $500 stimulus cheque monthly payment for April has been confirmed for a one-year term.

Residents of Tacoma are eligible to apply for the 12-month period beginning on March 1, 2024. This will be in order to receive an additional associated payment as part of the stimulus check payment.

The citizens will get an annual amount of $6000 divided into a total of 12 installments. Not every Tacoma resident is qualified to receive the cash. Instead, recipients will be chosen based on their applications.

A collaboration between Tacoma City & the United Way of Pierce County, Growing Resilience in Tacoma (GRIT) seeks to reinterpret the relationship between poverty and the arts.

Working households that have resided in the selected neighborhood and make between 100% and 200% of the poverty line will be eligible for the 12-month programme. This will grant participants unlimited monthly access to cash.

It is reported that following the COVID-19 epidemic, word broke that the affected persons would receive stimulus checks to help pay for their care. The Tacoma beneficiaries will receive their cash and read the written updates listed below.


$500 Monthly Checks


United Way of Pierce County and the City of Tacoma partnered as a consequence of the Growing Resilience in Tacoma initiative. The primary goals are to define poverty and citizen worth.

Working households who may make between 100 and 200% of the national poverty threshold and reside in the targeted neighborhoods will be given access to the programme for a period of 12 months. The operators of the programme are expected to be able to pay the stimulus check to about 175 residents.


Article Name $500 Monthly Checks Payment Date 2024
Initiative Name Growing Resilience in Tacoma
Organization Name IRS
Payment Name Stimulus Check
City Tacoma
Country USA
Benefit Amount $500 per moth
Payment mode Online
Payment Date To be announced
Post Type Finance
Website irs.gov

$500 Monthly Stimulus Check


Approximately 175 people will get the stimulus check payment between April and June 2024. United Way of Pierce County will handle this. According to the non-profit, the data will be used to impede the argument that destitution is not the result of personal failure. Some of the disadvantages of traditional welfare, which pays a minimum wage to keep people motivated to work, will be eliminated by the programme.


$500 Monthly Checks Payment 2024: Eligibility Criteria


The UWPC has made it very clear that in order to receive payment, applicants must meet the eligibility requirements listed below:

  • For those who are all 17 years of age or younger, the individual will serve as their only carer.
  • The youngster who requires special care must be at least 21 years old.
  • People must live in one of the following codes: 98444, 98445, 98405, 98408, 98409, 98418, or 98404.
  • The person must have a child that is no older than 17 years old.
  • It is necessary for each household to submit just one application.
  • The participants’ ages range from 18 to 65.


Selection Process


One hundred participants will be picked at random, and the qualified candidates will be chosen from a pool. The people who must respond to the invitation will be divided into three groups. In September 2024, GRIT will email Groups 1 and 2, while Group 3 will only get phone calls.

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