Adult Checks May 2024: For SSI, SSDI, Seniors, Low Income

Retired adults who satisfy the eligibility standards for Social Security benefits, those with disabilities, and their surviving spouses, children, and relatives are rewarded with payments.

A new payment of adult checks for SSI and SSDI seniors will be made to all recipients of the US programme. This was formerly known as the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI), in May 2024.

Based on Social Security SSI, SSDI Adult Checks Eligibility 2024, Social Security is a comprehensive federal benefits programme. It offers a partial replacement of income to retired adults and their spouses, individuals whose spouse or eligible ex-spouse has been dead, and people with disabilities.

In certain circumstances, it also offers support to the benefactors’ children. This message is to let you know that all payments are disbursed in accordance with the Social Security Payment Dates Schedule for May 2024. It is determined by your date of birth.


Adult Checks May 2024


For US citizens, the SSDI and SSI payment programmes have proved very beneficial financially. The Social Security Administration (SSA) is mandated by the US government to oversee these benefits. These are meant to assist the country’s low-income, aged, and disabled citizens.

The eligible applicants get direct bank installments to their accounts in May 2024 in the form of adult checks for SSI and SSDI compensation. To be entitled to such a monthly payment amount, residents must meet the qualifying requirements set forth by the Social Security Administration.

Under this arrangement, it is anticipated that the candidates will get the payment amount around the third Wednesday of each month.


Eligibility Criteria


In order to be eligible for financial aid under any plan offered by the SSA, applicants must first meet the eligibility requirements established by the administration.

They must apply for the scheme for which they are qualified, and then qualify for the programme. The SSA department has provided the Social Security SSI, SSDI Adult Checks Eligibility 2024, which is required of candidates.

  • The applicant needs to be in one of the low-income categories or have earned a low income in the past.
  • Individuals without resources exceeding $2,000 and couples with resources under $3,000 are qualified.
  • Older persons with disabilities who are 65 years of age or older may apply for the SSA payout plan.
  • Adults 64 years of age or younger who are blind or handicapped, including children.
  • Applicants must be 18 years old and make less than zero money.
  • The adults must reside in one of the 50 states in the United States.


Benefit Amount


Particulars SSI, SSDI Benefit Amount 2024
Individuals who receive income only from wages $1971
Individuals whose income is not from wages $963
Couples who receive income only from wages $2915
Couples whose income is not from wages $1435

Adult Checks May 2024: Steps To Claim


1. First, candidates must go to, the official portal.

2. Download the application form online using the website’s help.

3. Once open, the form will precisely enter your information.

4. The form asks you to link the papers. Upon completion, submit the form.

5. Following an evaluation of your application, the SSA administration will help you with the next steps.

6. Also, available to applicants are appointments for phone calls or in-person visits to the SSA office.

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