All You Need To Know About The Paid Maternity Leave Eligibility In Australia

Are you looking for relevant information regarding the Paid Maternity Leave Eligibility? Check Who Can Get a Paid Maternity Leave in Australia? Then, you are on the right page. In this article, we are going to provide you with every detail related to Paid Maternity Leave.

All You Need To Know About The Paid Maternity Leave Eligibility In Australia

Maternity leave allows women to recover from childbirth and strengthen their bond with their offspring. The Australian government pays for maternity care to enable these families to spend some precious time with their newborns. Every employee is entitled to paid leave as per the NES. The employer is responsible for granting these leaves.

Before applying for paid leave, the mother must have worked for 10-13 months. Paid leave is also an option for those who have recently quit working or been fired. The mother is eligible to get Special Maternity Leaves if she has any problems during her pregnancy. During the second trimester of the pregnancy, the mother should request a leave.

Who Can Get A Paid Maternity Leave In Australia?

To be eligible for the benefit, individuals must fulfil a few requirements. The requirements are mentioned below:

  • The candidates must be citizens of the nation and permanent residents. They ought to possess the necessary paperwork proving their address. The gasoline, water, and power bills are examples of such documents.
  • When requesting a benefit, immigrants must submit official documentation of their nationality and proof of residency.
  • They ought to have been citizens of the nation for at least ten years.
  • Applicants must file all of their prior year’s tax returns to be eligible for the benefit.
  • It is expected that the payers will not have any outstanding tax returns to file by the Allowance disbursement date.
  • Salary receipts and other relevant documentation, along with proof of employment, should be provided by candidates who have been working and making the minimum wage.
  • The applicants’ threshold limit ought to be less than the given sum. $151350 is the total required to receive the reward.
  • The marriage certificate and any other relevant documentation should be presented by the couple if they are applying for the benefit.
  • The birth certificate of all the children in the household is required for the allowance.
  • If they are receiving any other benefit from the state or the central authority, the documents related to the allowance are mandatory for the benefit.

Amount And Length Of The Paid Maternity Leave

The benefit pays for the mother’s and the child’s essential expenses for around 20 weeks. To spend more time with his child, the child’s father is eligible for an eight-week parental leave. Based on the National Minimum Wage, the amount paid during these leaves will be considered. For the mother on leave, the primary holidays currently pay $772 per week. The fathers’ share will be determined by considering both the industry minimum wage and their monthly salary.

In the upcoming months, the schedule will be updated to include the extra two weeks of leave. The candidates don’t need to take all of the leaves at once; they might split the leaves and still share parenting duties. You can think of the first sixty days as a block, and the payment schedule will also apply to the amount of vacation.

The Bottom Line

Parent-paid leaves are not available to parents who get certain benefits, such as NewBorn Supplement and Upfront payment. The baby’s father may also request time off. Male employees are eligible for these vacations as well, with a maximum of four weeks of paid time off.

After the mother died giving birth, the father became the child’s primary guardian and is entitled to eight weeks of paid leave. An additional sum will be given to the lone guardian to help with the newborn’s care. Their parent’s partner will not be eligible for the benefit, and their income will not be taken into account for the income test.

Some firms also provide paid leave to their staff, based on the awards received and the work completed. Employers have the final say about these leaves.

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