Apple Watch Series 9 is Available on Amazon at just Rs 13,475

The Apple Watch Series 9 is the ideal way to introduce someone to Apple’s amazing wristwatch line. It not only builds on the successful formula of earlier models, but it also sports an exciting new gesture interface that has a ton of future potential.

How to get a watch at just Rs. 13,475?

With a 6% reduction, the Apple Watch Series 9 45mm GPS edition, which was originally priced at Rs 44,900, is now at Rs 41,999 on Amazon. The Apple smartwatch is now only Rs 16,999 when you exchange your old, in-good condition smartphone, saving you an additional Rs 25,000. Moreover, customers with ICICI Bank credit cards who use Amazon Pay can receive an additional discount of up to Rs 3,524, bringing the total down to just Rs 13,475.

Apple Watch Series 9 is Available on Amazon at just Rs 13,475

Apple Watch Series 9 Features

Explore the enchantment of Series 9, which has the amazing S9 SiP chip. This CPU, which is Apple’s most potent to date, allows for lag-free operation as well as amazing speed and brightness. It provides private logging of your health measurements and gives you personal access to them with the new features. The watch’s chip powers it on and sustains an impressive eighteen-hour battery life. With its innovative double-tap gesture, which allows you to use it with just one hand without ever touching the screen, your new best friend and health advisor is ready for anything. With this amazing technology, you can do everything from set an alarm to snooze it to pause and play music. The Apple Watch 9’s brighter display makes it easy to read messages and see better in direct sunlight.

Apple Watch Series 9 Colours

The Apple Watch Series 9, which comes in 41mm and 45mm sizes, is a gorgeous assortment. You can select from starlight, midnight, silver, red, and lovely pink for the color of your aluminum case. However, you can choose a stainless-steel case made of graphite, silver, or gold.

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