Assurance Package 2024 Payout Date: Grasp more Details

Here, you will discover all the necessary information about the Assurance Package Payout 2024 Payment Dates, Amount, Eligibility, and Form. The Singapore government provides an assurance package to low and moderate-income households to assist them in paying their goods and services taxes. This initiative was implemented in 2012, and it was impacted by growing inflation and GST rates. To cater to rising living costs, the package payout will be increased from 8% to 9% in 2024. Continue reading this article to learn more about the Assurance Package Payout 2024, including payment dates, amounts, eligibility, and other details.

Assurance Package 2024 Payout Date

Assurance Package Amount: 2024

The Assurance Package Payout amount is comprised of two key components:

  1. AP Cash: This annual payout is due in August 2024. The amount you receive depends on two criteria. IRAS calculates assessable income for the preceding year, and property ownership is established whether or not you own multiple properties.
  2. COL Special Payment 2024: This one-time payment was introduced in 2024 to aid people in further increasing living expenditures. Its proceeds are planned to be paid in September 2024. Similar to AP Cash, the amount ranges between $200 and $400; consequently, you can utilize the online calculator to calculate your expected COL Special Payment amount.

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Assurance Package Eligibility

To qualify for the Assurance Package Payout advantages, you must be:

  • A Singapore citizen aged 21 or older in the year of evaluation.
  • Not owning more than one property, unless it is a subsidized flat with a Household Income Per Capita of $1,300 or lower.
  • Those who work and live in Singapore must have a visa valid for at least three years.
  • These are some of the eligible scenarios, and the Singapore government has an easy-to-use online tool to determine eligibility for the Assurance Package Payout.

To check the eligibility criteria, go to the major Singapore Government benefits web portal and look for the Am I Eligible? option under the Assurance Package area.Click on it, follow the directions, and see your expected benefits.

Payout Form:

  • Payouts for eligible people or households are automatically deposited into your Singpass-linked bank account.
  • The Singapore government uses Singpass, a digital identity platform. If you are a Singaporean citizen, you most likely already have one.
  • As a result, the form is not necessary to receive the Assurance Package Payout Form in Singapore. The concept is based on information already collected by the government through IRAS and property ownership records.
  • Overall, there is no separate application form for the Assurance Package Payout; instead, it is an automated payout that ensures money are distributed to eligible persons as quickly as possible.

Assurance Package Payment Dates:

  • The Assurance Package Payout is distributed annually in August. The amount you receive is determined on your IRAS-assessed income for the preceding year as well as your property ownership.
  • As a result, a COL special payment is scheduled to be disbursed in September 2024. The fee fluctuates between $200 and $400, depending on your AI and property ownership. You can find your projected amount using the elements listed on the leading online portal.


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