Australia Average Income 2024: Know State Wise Average Income By Gender & Industries

Australia has an average yearly salary of 91,900 AUD for employees; the lowest average compensation is approximately 23,800 AUD, and the highest average salary is 405,600 AUD.

The table below, which we created, shows the Australia Average Income for 2024.

City Wise Australia Average Salary 2024

Cities  City Wise Australia Average Salary 2024
Sydney 98,000 AUD
Melbourne 96,000 AUD
Adelaide 90,000 AUD
Brisbane 94,000 AUD
Canberra 95,000 AUD
New Castle 89,000 AUD
Perth 92,000 AUD
Average income
Source: ptevdcb
State  State Wise Australia Average Income 2024
North South Wales (NSW) 65,000 AUD
Queensland 62,970 AUD
Tasmania 55,900 AUD
Queensland 73,000 AUD
Northern Territory 71,000 AUD
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Australia’s Average Salary 2024 : Statistics

Median Salary:

Australia’s average monthly salary is projected to be 6,650 AUD (USD 4,420) in 2023.The median salary is the middle point of all the wages that are taken into account.

Put another way, about half of all Australians make less than 6,650 AUD a month, while the other half make more.

Average Salary Range:

The average monthly pay in Australia ranges from 1,917 AUD (USD 1,274) to 33,750 AUD (USD 22,433). Recall that these are estimates rather than precise figures.

The actual pay range in Australia may be as high as 33,750 AUD for the highest salary and as low as 1,917 AUD for the lowest compensation.

Minimum Wage:

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, a national law in Australia requires full-time and part-time employees to be paid a minimum of 21.38 AUD (USD 14.21) per hour.

It’s interesting to note that Australia has a higher minimum wage than the US, which is $7.25 per hour.

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