Australia Minimum Wage 2024: Check The Pay Rates, Minimum Wage For International Students, Minimum Salary City Wise & More

Australia’s minimum wage, City Wise, is back in the spotlight in 2024, with consequences for citizens. The Australia Minimum Wage 2024 is set to stay at 23.23 AUD per hour through June 30, 2024. Under the Australia Minimum Wage For International Students, an hourly minimum of 15.23 AUD will be paid to individuals under the age of 21, while this rate will apply to those over 21. At this rate, 2.75 million Australian workers receive compensation. Australians will be able to compete with rising inflation after June 30, 2024, when the Australia Minimum Wage Increase takes effect.

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Australia Minimum Wage 2024: Check The Pay Rates, Minimum Wage For International Students, Minimum Salary City Wise & More
Australia Minimum Wage 2024: Check The Pay Rates, Minimum Wage For International Students, Minimum Salary City Wise & More

Australia Minimum Wage

The Australia Minimum Wage 2024 is reviewed annually by the Fair Work Commission to make sure it remains adequate and appropriate. Numerous factors are taken into account in this research, including living standards, productivity growth, inflation, and the overall state of the economy. The goal is to strike a balance between providing fair compensation to employees and keeping in mind the needs and constraints of businesses.

Australia’s minimum wage as of March 2024 is $23.23 per hour or $8882.80 for a 38-hour workweek. This has led to an 8.6% increase in the minimum wage, which is good news for workers. For individuals under 21, the minimum hourly rate is $15.23. Notably, it is predicted that these minimum pay rates for Australian workers will remain unchanged until June 30, 2024, providing workers with security and stability.

Title Australia Minimum Wage 2024
Country Australia
Year 2024
Australia Minimum Wage Per Hour 2024 Hourly rate of 22.23 AUD until June 30 2024
Affected Workers Approximately 2.7 Million
Department Fair Work Commission’s Expert Panel
Minimum Wage Increase 2024 30th June 2024
Category Finance
Official Website


Pay Rates

In Australia, employees must typically be at least 21 years old to be eligible for the minimum wage. Lower rates, which are based on a percentage, apply to younger workers.
The Fair Work Commission regularly reviews and adjusts the Australia Pay Rates 2024. It reflect changes in the cost of living and broader economic circumstances.
Employees who work full-time, part-time, or on a contract basis, as well as those in temporary positions, are all competent.
A person must be legally permitted to work in Australia. Citizens, permanent residents, and those with specific visas fall under this category.

Minimum Wage For International Students

Beginning on July 1, 2023, the Australia Minimum Wage for International Students will be $23.23 per hour or $882.80 for a standard workweek of 38 hours. As a result, the Federal Minimum Wage is now 8.6% higher than it was before. The federal minimum wage is currently 8.6% greater than it was in the past. On July 1, 2023, or later, the first complete pay period of the new Australia salary 2024 will be imprinted. It’s important to remember that minimum wage rates can have a big impact on people in a lot of different industries and professions.

Minimum Salary City Wise

Australia Minimum Salary 2024 City Wise
Sydney 108,000 AUD
Melbourne 106,000 AUD
Brisbane 104,000 AUD
Adelaide 100,000 AUD


Wage Increase 2024

Deliberate policy reforms and financial support for education and skill development are required if Australia requires salary increases by 2024. It is anticipated that the government may declare the Australian Minimum Wage Increase 2024. Promoting laws that support minimum wage restrictions and collective bargaining rights is essential. Furthermore, providing workers with employable skills through vocational training programs enhances their value to employers. It leads to a wage increase, to promote fair remuneration.

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