Australia One-Off Payment 2024: Overview, Eligibility Requirements, Calculator, Part Time Employee, And Unemployment

All employees who receive a wage will receive a Australia One-Off Payment 2024 from the Australian Government. This payment, which is part of the Common Wealth wage Offer, is equivalent to 0.92% of the employee’s base wage.

Australia One-Off Payment 2024
Australia One-Off Payment 2024; Source- iStock


Citizens of Australia who are 65 years of age or older are eligible for an age pension from the Australian government. The extra money received is known as the off payment, and it tends to raise employees’ salaries.

The one-time payment, which is equivalent to 0.92% of the employee’s base wage and prorated for part-time employment if the access period begins before March 14, 2024. However, the agreement is ratified by the majority of the working staff, is typically included in the Common Wealth pay offer.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Employees hired as of March 6, 2024, whether they are regular, part-time, or casual, will get a one-time payment.
  2. Next, if an employee has been on leave or has spent most of their time at work, they will be eligible for unpaid leave.
  3. Employees who have spent the majority of their time on full pay will be eligible for half-pay leave.
  4. If a casual employee works more than 12 months per week, they will be eligible.
  5. The workers’ compensation recipients will not be qualified to receive the award.


  • The basic wage serves as the basis for calculating the off-payment.
  • Also, if you work a part-time job, you will receive payment according to the number of part-time hours you put in.
  • You won’t receive the entire amount if you take unpaid leave.
  • If you work as a casual employee, your pay will be calculated pro rata using your average hours worked relative to your full-time hours.
  • The one-time payment will cover casual loads as well as the current higher duties allowance.

Part-Time Employee

  • If you work a part-time job, you will receive according to the agreed-upon number of part-time hours.
  • If you have been working part-time recently, officials will examine your records from the previous year.
  • For 12 months, the majority of working arrangements determines remuneration.


  • If you are on unpaid leave, the officials will examine your past 12 month record.
  • Throughout the year, the majority of working arrangements determines your payment.

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