Australia’s Cost of Living 2024: Check Qualifications, Amount & Procedures

A family’s monthly expenses in Australia might range from $4K to $5K, according to multiple sources.

Living in Australia can be expensive because it is a popular holiday destination and has beautiful surroundings.

Even while some people receive greater financial support, many people are still having trouble keeping up with their expenses because prices are growing.

Power, food, and travel-related medical services have all seen notable price hikes in the past 12 months.

According to some sources, there are people in Australia who don’t make enough money to pay for their standard of living, which puts them below the poverty line.

About 6 million individuals are receiving $1.5 billion from the Australian government to help them pay for basic necessities.

Australia’s Cost of Living Payment Eligibility 2024

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Australia Cost Of Living Payment Amount 2024  $4k to $5K
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The following are the Australia’s Cost of Living Payment Eligibility 2024 that you should be aware of:

1. You must remain a permanent resident of Australia.

2. You are required to dwell in Australia for a minimum of ten years if you decide to live elsewhere.

3. Additionally, you must have stayed put for five years without relocating.

4. You have to pass two examinations in order to get the help. Widows in Australia are also qualified to apply for assistance.

5. But they had to have been in the country for at least 104 weeks. You must be present in the country at the time the allowance is disbursed.

To get the benefit, you have to pass two tests:

Test of Assets: This test ascertains your amount of money and assets.

If you are not a property owner, the maximum amount of money and assets you can own is $301,750. $543,750 in case you’re a homeowner and $543,750 in case you’re not.

For joint homeowners, the maximum is $451,500. The maximum amount if you are homeless is $693,500.

Income Test: This test’s income component is looked at. The maximum salary for an individual is $2,937; for a couple, it is $3,666.

In addition to your regular payout of $1,002, you might also get an extra $80.10 if you’re single.

Cost of living
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You will get an extra $60.40 on top of the $755.70 base payment if you live together as a couple.

You will get an extra $80.10 on top of the $1,002.50 base payment if you and your partner don’t live together.

Everyone is also eligible for an additional energy cost allowance of up to $10.60 for couples and up to $14.10 for singles.

How to Claim Australia Cost Of Living Benefits

1. In order to claim Australia Cost of Living Benefits, you must first link your bank account and Centrelink account using the MyGov website.

2. Once you’re registered with Centrelink, you won’t have to reapply for the allowance.

3. As of the now, Centrelink You can check your eligibility for any upcoming benefits and sign up to receive notifications about them via your Centrelink account.

4. You need to have a concession card in order to get the allowance. Using your MyGov DVA online account, submit a claim for the amount.

5. As soon as your accounts are authorized or the allowance is deposited, you will receive an update on the status of your account.

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