Canada Dental Benefit 2024 – Know Payment Date, Amount & Eligibility

The Canadian federal government, through the Canada Revenue Agency, offers a range of advantages to its residents.

Among the perks that the recipients receive is the Canada Dental Benefit. Under these benefits, people can receive dental care at a reduced cost.

This program is intended for people without insurance or who cannot afford dental care.

The $650 benefit will be awarded to the qualifying applicant, and in order for Canadians to receive the Canada Dental Benefit Amount 2024, their income must fall below the minimum threshold.

The program is open to applications from both parents and guardians, and the child will be covered for dental care.

CRA Dental Benefit 2024

The benefit will be transferred to the citizens whose family income falls below the specified threshold.

The significant dental care provided to children will be reduced under the Canada Dental Benefit in 2024.

A maximum of two payments will be made to the child, and the citizens will get up to $650. One will receive the benefit prior to June 30, 2024, and the application must be submitted by June 30, 2024.

The benefit will not be transferred to those who have a private medical plan.

Canada Dental Benefit Eligibility 2024

1. The child has to be born on or after 2 July 2024.

2. The child shall be of age 12 years or less The child shall not have any access to a private dental insurance plan.

3. The dental cost shall not be covered by any other program.

4. The adjusted family net income shall be less than $90000 for the year 2022.

5. You have to check the eligibility for all the children if you have more than one child. Dental Benefit Amount 2024

Income Limit  Full Custody Of Child  Shared Custody 
Less than $70000 $650 $325
$70000 to $79999 $390 $195
$80000 to $89999 $260 $130
$90000 or above Not Eligible Not Eligible

The 2024 Canada Dental Benefit Amount is determined on the family’s income. There will be no tax on the payment.

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On your device, navigate to the website.

1. Locate and click the link for the Canada Dental Benefit.

2. Check now to see if you may apply or not. You must use your CRA Account to log in if you are applying online.

3. In the event that you are applying over the phone, you can click the link provided on the website.

4. For a total of six years, you can save your dental receipts in case the CRA needs to verify your eligibility.

Canada Dental Benefit Payment Date 2024

Those who qualify will get the payment upon the completion of the application process. The money will be deposited into the recipients’ bank accounts by June 30, 2024, at the latest.

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