IREDA Share Target Price Prediction For Year 2024 & 2025

IREDA Share Target Price Prediction For Year – India’s dedication to sustainable energy and solutions is demonstrated by IREDA. IREDA was founded in 1987 and functions as a non-banking financial institution under the administrative jurisdiction of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. The organization has made a substantial contribution to the nation’s renewable energy industry. has significantly impacted the situation. With the goal of utilizing wind, hydro, power, and other renewable resources, IREDA was founded.

In 2023, IREDA became the first PSU initial public offering (IPO) in India. In recent times, IREDA has exhibited exceptional performance and provided investors with favorable returns. Since becoming public, IREDA has returned 252% to investors. The 52-week high and low for IREDA are ₹214.80 and ₹50, respectively. Over the past few months, IREDA has shown signs of bullishness.

Ratio Of IREDA

PE Ratio 36.60
ROE 17.30 %
ROCE 9.35 %
Dividend Yield 0.00 %
Debt to Equity 5.73 %
Promoters Holding 75 %
Public Holding 22.70 %
FII 1.36 %
DII 0.94 %

IREDA Share Target Price Prediction

IREDA Share Price Target

IREDA’s share price is subject to change. In 2025, the IREDA share price would range from ₹196.50 to ₹212.05.

IREDA Share Target Price 2024



PriceFor July 2024 ₹182.75
Price For August 2024 ₹181.90
Price For September 2024 ₹186.65
Price For October 2024 ₹190.80
Price For November 2024 ₹192.95

IREDA Share Target Price 2025



Price For January 2025 ₹196.50
Price For February 2025 ₹193.20
Price For March 2025 ₹195.45
Price For April 2025 ₹194.70
Price For May 2025 ₹196.65
Target Price For June 2025 ₹198.35
Price For July 2025 ₹197.90
Price For August 2025 ₹199.25
Price For September 2025 ₹205.85
Price For October 2025 ₹208.10
Price For November 2025 ₹210.60
Price For December 2025 ₹212.05

IREDA Competitors

  • NTPC, with a 311,796.30 cr market value
  • Power Grid Corp., with a 251,348.82 cr market capitalization
  • Adani Power, with a 216,798.54 cr market capitalization
  • Tata Power has a market value of 116,645.87 crore.
  • Adani Energy, having a market valuation of 116,546.68 crore
  • NHP has a market value of 86,186.40 crore.
  • JSW Energy, has a market valuation of 80,103.96 crore
  • Torrent Power, with a 53,797.84 cr market capitalization

The price of IREDA shares is anticipated to continue rising in the near future. The target price for IREDA shares is probably going to surpass ₹248.70 paise in 2025 and then climb much faster. In 2025, the IREDA company’s maximum pricing will be ₹248.70 paise. It is anticipated that the lowest price will be ₹210.35 paise. In 2025, the market for IREDA firm shares will see a sharp rise in demand. The quantity of investors will rise quickly.

Based on financial and technical data, we found that the overall price target for IREDA shares is on a strong bullish sentiment. Additionally, all paramilitary indicators are meeting the positive side of the analysis. It is possible that the stock will retest the up-to-demand zone, and if it does, it may reach a new high on the chart. Based on historical data, we conclude that IREDA might be a wise investment for long-term holders.

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