Ireland Children’s Allowance 2024: Eligibility, Amount Of Ireland Child Benefit, When To Apply, & More

Each qualifying kid will receive a monthly stipend known as the Ireland Children’s Allowance 2024. Each eligible youngster will get €140 as payment from the parents. If the child is younger than 16 years old, they will be eligible for the allowance; however, if the child has a disability, they may be eligible at age 18 instead. Every month on the first Tuesday, the qualifying citizens will receive their money. The article below details the Ireland Children’s Allowance Amount 2024 that the eligible child will get. So, read the full article to know more.

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Ireland Children’s Allowance: Overview

Along with the eligible children, the citizens of Ireland have been receiving financial help from the government. Individuals with modest incomes have been having difficulties paying for their basic needs as well as their children’s education. The Ireland Children’s Allowance 2024 is available to Irish nationals with children under the age of sixteen. The monthly allowance will be given to the child who resides with you and is entirely under your care. The Ireland Children’s Allowance Amount 2024 will be added for each new kid after the qualifying child, who must be 16 years of age or under, receives a payment of €140.

If a parent has a disabled kid who is at least 18 years old, they will be granted an extension of the age restriction. Even if the child is still enrolled in school, the child benefit will no longer be given if they are older than 19. Every month on the first Tuesday, the Ireland Child’s Benefit Payment 2024 will be given out. If this date falls on a holiday, each person will receive their payment on the next business day. We have included information about the benefit amount, eligibility, payout date, and method of claim in this post.

Child Benefit 

There is no deadline for submitting the allowance form to be eligible for the child benefit, which is given to qualified children who are 16 years of age or younger. The required paperwork must be obtained to file a claim for benefits. Individuals will also get a payment of €140 for each kid.

Post Name Ireland Children’s Allowance 2024
Organization Name Ireland’s Government
Country Ireland
Benefit Name Children Allowance
Ireland Children’s Allowance Eligibility 2024 Child of age 16 years or less
Ireland Children’s Allowance Amount 2024 €140 per qualifying child
Benefit Mode Online
Payment Date First Tuesday of Each Month
Payment Frequency Monthly
Post Type Finance
  • Ireland’s Child Benefit is available to nationals who have a qualifying child who is 16 years of age or younger.
  • There is no deadline for submitting the allowance form; individuals are free to submit it whenever they choose.
  • Each eligible child will receive a benefit of €140; if twins are present, a benefit of €210 will be awarded.
  • Every month on the first Tuesday, payment will be made. If this date falls on a holiday, payment will be made on the following working day.
  • For triplets, the rate will be twice, and for twins, it will be 1.5 times the usual cost for citizens.
  • The qualified child’s age limit will be raised to 18 years old as of May 1, 2024.


  • A parent must be providing for their child and the child must reside with them.
  • The child must not be older than 16 years old or older than 19 years old.
  • The child’s age restriction to get the benefit is eighteen years old, if they are enrolled in full-time training and have a disability.
  • If the child is 18 years of age or older and enrolled in school or training, the benefit will not be given.
  • If your benefit exceeds the specified limits, your taxable income will be decreased.

Amount Of Ireland Children’s Allowance

Family Size  Monthly Payments 
Singe child €140
Twins €210
Triplets €280
2 children €280
3 children €420


Every month on the first Tuesday, the people will receive their benefit; if this falls on a holiday, the money will be credited to their accounts the following day.

In the table above, the Ireland Children’s Allowance Amount for 2024 is also listed.

When To Apply?

You have 12 months to apply for the benefits within:

  • The birth of your child
  • The month that the child entered your family
  • The month when the family has come to live in Ireland
  • The date on which you began working in Ireland even if the child does not reside there.

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