Know Everything About $500 Extra Social Security Coming In April 2024: Eligibility Criteria, How To Apply for Extra Social Security, Payment Date

.In 2024, the US government began paying $500 Extra Social Security benefits to qualified US citizens. Americans who are 65 years of age or older, have disabilities or make a low income can apply for financial assistance through the Social Security Administration (SSI). This holds for parents of children with disabilities as well. Qualified US residents get a monthly stipend from the Social Security Administration (SSA) once the payment is approved based on the citizen’s birthdate. A $500 Extra Social Security benefit will be provided to qualified persons in April 2024. Applicants for SSDI and SSI must fulfil the requirements.

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$500 Extra Social Security Coming In April 2024

The US government created the SSI and SSDI programs under the Social Security Administration (SSA) to help those who required financial assistance. The program’s beneficiaries include people under 65, people with disabilities, and people with low incomes. Under the SSI program, low-income individuals, the blind and disabled, and elderly citizens 65 years of age and above can get financial assistance. Depending on when they were born, the candidate will receive their monthly SSI Payment in 2024. Qualified Americans are eligible for monthly financial aid, per Social Security Administration criteria. Each month, the candidate selects the day that will be used to make the payment. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is paid directly into the bank accounts of qualifying persons. Starting in 2024, SSI will pay out a $500 monthly benefit.

$500 Extra Social Security: Overview

Program Name $500 Extra Social Security April 2024
Governing Body US Government
Administrated By Social Security Administration
Applicable in The United States of America
Payment Amount $500
Beneficiary Individuals with low-income or Old Age Citizens
$500 Extra Social Security April 2024 Payment Date As per the birth date of the individual
Category Finance
Official Website

The US government established the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program to offer financial help to low-income people, US citizens 65 years of age or older, and children who are blind or disabled. SSI provides $841 in basic payments for singles and $1261 in benefits for couples. In 2024, the SSA announced that qualifying individuals would receive an extra $500 per month into a direct transfer account.

What distinguishes Social Security benefits from Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is how they are determined by a person’s or family’s prior work history. To be eligible for SSI benefits, a person must fulfil the program’s conditions. The $500 Extra Social Security April 2024 Payment Date is always on the first of the month; however, in the event of a holiday, the payment is made the day prior. For further information, go to, the program’s official website.

Eligibility Criteria for Benefits

The $500 Extra Social Security Eligibility 2024 Criteria must also be met by US citizens for them to be eligible for SSI benefits.

  • A single person may use up to $2000 in resources, and qualified couples may use up to $3000.
  • Senior citizen who is older than 65.
  • US those who are disabled and 64 years of age or older.
  • People who are incapable of carrying out their duties, like blind citizens or toddlers.
  • Adults or kids with lower or no income.

How To Apply for Extra Social Security?

Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements for SSI benefits can apply online. By completing the following steps, one can apply:

  • Visit the official website at
  • Select “An Adult” if you want to apply for an adult. And select “A Child” if you want to apply as a child.
  • To create your ID and password, enter the correct information.
  • Complete the application thoroughly and submit it with the required supporting documentation and any necessary information.
  • Select the “Submit” tab to send the application.
  • The Social Security Administration will then review your application before moving forward.

Payment Date

Payment Date Schedule 2024
Birth Date $500 Extra Social Security April 2024 Payment Date
1st to 10th Second Wednesday Of Each Month
11th to 20th Third Wednesday of Each Month
21st to 31st Fourth Wednesday of Each Month


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