Reliance Jio has announced a Hike in the Mobile Tariff Plans

Reliance Jio has announced a priReliace hike of 12-27 percent on cellphone charges, as well as limiting subscribers’ access to limitless free 5G services. The new tariffs will into effective on July 3, 2024. This is the company’s first tariff raise in two and a half years.

The telecom company has revealed pricing increases for two postpaid plans, three data add-on plans, and fourteen prepaid unlimited plans. Below is a list of every plan:

Change in Price of Plans

Many pricing revisions for well-liked monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, annual, data add-on, and postpaid options are included in the new tariff plans. The monthly plans have increased from ₹155 to ₹449 (from ₹189 to ₹449).

Reliance Jio

The cost of bi-monthly plans ranges from ₹579 to ₹629 and covers 56 days with data use of 1.5GB to 2GB per day. Quarterly plans with 6GB to 3GB/day over 84 days are offered for ₹ 479 to ₹ 1199. Annual plans are priced from ₹1899 and ₹3599.

Current Price New Price Validity Data benefits
155 189 28 2GB
209 249 28 1GB/ day
239 299 24 1.5GB/ day
299 349 28 2GB/ day,
349 399 28 2.5GB/ day
399 449 28 3GB/ day
479 579 56 1.5GB/ day
533 629 56 2GB/ day
666 799 84 1.5GB/ day
719 859 84 2GB/ day
999 1,199 84 3GB/ day
1,559 1,899 336 24GB
2,999 3,599 365 2.5GB/ day

Postpaid Plan Change

Previously priced at Rs 299, the base postpaid package now starts at Rs 349 each billing cycle for 30GB of data. A more advanced postpaid package with 75GB of data is now available for Rs 449 each cycle, which is an increase from Rs 399.

It’s crucial that existing users and prospective new ones are aware that plans with at least 2GB of data per day will now be required to access the limitless 5G data benefit.

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