Sam Rubin, TV Anchor Known For His Hollywood Reporting, Passed Away At 64

Sam Rubin, who made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with his amiable demeanour and in-depth knowledge of Hollywood insiders’ work during his morning celebrity interviews on KTLA 5, passed away in Los Angeles on Friday.

Sam Rubin
Source: Daily Mail

Cause Of Death

He was sixty-four. Leslie Gale Shuman, his wife, said that a systemic breakdown was to blame for the hospitalised death. A heart attack was the cause, according to a KTLA report. For many years, Mr. Rubin was a staple for viewers all around the city, even in an industry that was notorious for its name changes and shifting fashions. For many stars, an interview with him was a mandatory experience.

Across generations, he was able to put superstars at ease while questioning them about their trade. Even while it was obvious that Mr. Rubin was deeply involved in the details of his job, he was appealing in part because of the antics he brought to the studio and his ability to break up the monotony of what could have been a dry interview.

Under the KTLA studio lights, the biggest stars in Hollywood frequently seemed at ease talking with Mr. Rubin, as if they were old friends. On February 16, 1960, Sam Rubin was born in San Diego. Theodore Rubin, his father, was an aerospace and defence engineer and a UCL professor. He was raised by a school nurse.

Mr. Rubin studied rhetoric and American studies at Occidental College in Los Angeles. He leaves behind four children: Perry, Rory, Darcy, and Colby, in addition to his wife. Mr. Rubin joined KTLA in 1991 after serving as a journalist covering entertainment news for a number of local publications.

About His Career

His easy charm and surprise inquiries helped him establish a reputation. Along with a lifetime achievement award from the Southern California Broadcasters Association, he received several Emmys. He co-wrote biographies of actress Mia Farrow and former first lady Jacqueline Onassis.

In addition, he shared ownership of SRE Inc., a production firm that produces chat shows like “Hollywood Uncensored” and red carpet events like “Live From.” Actress Jane Seymour was the subject of Mr. Rubin’s most recent interview, conducted on Thursday.

Henry Winkler, an actor, told KTLA after learning of the death: “There was nobody at that desk before you, and there was nobody after you when you were being interviewed by him.” All that mattered was that you were seated there.

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