New SASSA Grant Announced In 2024: Which New Grants Will Be Available In 2024? 

For individuals who match the eligibility standards, South Africa awards the most prestigious grants through a competitive process.

Of course, SASSA notifies the residents of the updates to its grant payment schedule on a regular basis. 

The new award categories created to offer social assistance are available to citizens and permanent residents.

In 2024, no brand-new SASSA grant modifications are made. The grants that are now in place have also undergone some modifications. The amount has been increased in light of the current national cost of living.

SASSA Payment April 2024

On the days of formal payment, the revised sum will be credited immediately to the claimant’s account.

Through the use of grant benefits, applicants can guarantee a better quality of life free from financial pressure.

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Types Of SASSA Grants 2024

Grant Type March 2024 Dates
Old Person Grant 2 March
Disability Grant 5 March
Child Support Grant 6 March

Old Age, Child Support, Disability, and Foster Child awards are a few of the important SASSA programs. We have included a quick summary and the amount details. Care Dependency Grant:

When a child has a serious impairment, financial assistance is given to the parents, primary caregiver, or foster parents. A newborn with a persistent impairment is eligible to receive R2090.

Old Age Grant: This program offers retired seniors cash assistance. Seniors who are 75 years of age or older will receive a maximum award of R2110.

Disability Grant: Adults with disabilities who are let go from employment perform any type of physical labor in exchange for a monthly stipend of R2090.

Foster kid award: Reviving this award is possible for those who are raising a kid who has been lawfully adopted. The qualified parents will get a monthly stipend of R1130 for each child.

Child Support Grant: Families that are unable to care for their children because they do not have enough money can apply for this grant, which provides R510 for each child.

The registered bank account will automatically receive the new payments. If a qualified grant reviver closes a prior account, they are required to notify SASSA of this.

Use the digital identity to navigate the official SASSA website and create a login. Find the “Change Bank Details” option and submit the necessary files.

Which New Grants Will Be Available In 2024?

In order to assist low-income holders in overcoming financial difficulties and adjusting to the increased cost of living, SASSA is doing everything within its power. Look at the following now:

Eligibility for Child Support Grant:

1. The dependent child’s age cannot exceed eighteen.

2. The child must reside with the claimant both throughout and after the application process.

3. For couples, the annual income cannot be more than $1,05,600.

Older Person Grant Qualifications:

1.The applicant needs to be sixty years old, which is the retirement age.

2. The individual must not be receiving benefits from any other government-sponsored program.

3. A legally wed couple’s annual income cannot be more than 1,72,560, while an individual’s income must not exceed 86,280.

Dates Of SASSA Payment

Through the bank application or online bank queries, one can examine the balance directly. The funds will only be credited during business hours.

Weekends and national holidays are not subject to remuneration. Examine the exact dates for the next month’s payments of several SASSA grants.

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