Cost Of Living Increases To 144.2%; Check How It Affects Social Security COLA

The organization responsible for providing recipients with income support is the Social Security Administration. The cost of life has increased by 144.2%, making it more difficult for the populace to exist.

Social Security COLA
Social Security COLA; Source- MARCA

In addition, The beneficiaries will also get benefits from SSDI and SSI for survivors and disabilities. Citizens receive benefits from the VA and survivors, and they will soon receive higher Social Security payouts.


Retirees who have disability or have been struggling will receive the payments. Social Security is the monthly retirement income that is guaranteed to people with sufficient work credits. You can check the amount in your bank accounts and receive your Social Security payment as soon as you turn 62.

The SSA raised the COLA to assist the residents, who are finding it tough due to the living expenditures’ 144.2% increase. In 2023, the cost of living adjustments was 8.3%; however, they are now 6.2%. Since the COLA has been raised, the beneficiaries will now be eligible for higher Social Security payments. In addition, they will get payment on the precise conforming date.

Millions of recipients rely on these monthly checks to support their lives, so any rise in benefits has the potential to have a significant impact. The cost of living cannot be met by the yearly COLA increases. The Social Security payouts have only climbed by 81.6% over the years, but living expenses have increased by 144.2% to date. This disparity is making it difficult for the elderly to afford the rising cost of living, which is pushing more people below the poverty line.

Cost Of Living Increases

The recipients are finding it difficult to make their essential expenditures due to the 144.2% increase in living expenses. The benefits that those who qualify are receiving do not keep up with the rising costs. The cost of living remains the same, but benefits will rise more significantly to support the economy.

Social Security COLA

Social Security is a payment for the recipients who have reached retirement age and are no longer employed in the form of a fixed deposit. These benefits are provided as retirement benefits after you reach the minimum age of 62. Citizens receive benefits in the form of monthly payments to offset inflation.

Nevertheless, in recent years, the cost of living has climbed by 144.2%, while Social Security benefits have only increased by 81.6% for recipients. The seniors’ inability to pay their bills is a result of these benefit increases. You now need to confirm that your benefits cover the costs of maintaining your daily life.

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