Social Security Overpayment Notice 2024: Burden Removed By Biden Administration

When you get paid more for a month than you should have, you receive a Social Security Overpayment 2024 Notice. The difference between the sum you were paid, and the amount owed is known as the overpayment.

We will notify your representative payee and you via mail if this occurs. Social Security Overpayment Notice 2024 includes details on the overpayment, including the amount, options for recovery, and rights to appeal and waive.

Please pay close attention to anything you are notified about. Social Security is making great strides to guarantee that our policies regarding overpayment are equitable, impartial, and do not cause undue harm to any individual.

Martin O’Malley, the commissioner of social security, released a statement. That someone would become homeless or be unable to shell out their bills as a result of Social Security withholding their entire payment in order to recover an overpayment is appalling.

People who have previously had more than 10% of their payments withheld can speak with the Social Security Administration about reducing the percentage. The change will impact new Social Security Overpayment in 2024.

Instead of the previous deadline of 36 months, beneficiaries requesting a rate below 10% shall be accepted if the overpayment is retrieved within 60 months.

An Overview


Topic Social Security Overpayment 2024 Notice
Country United States Of America
Year 2024
Department Social Security Administration(SSA)
Government US Federal Government
Money Deducted From Beneficiary account 10% – or $10
Category Finance
Official Website

Social Security Overpayment Notice 2024: What To Do


We will notify you in writing of the overpayment and ask that you reimburse the entire amount within thirty days. Should you continue to accept payments and fail to provide a full refund, the following notification will appear:

1. The plan is to withhold the excess payment in the amount of 10% of the monthly payment, whichever is less.

2. To specify the month that the withholding is supposed to start.

3. To provide a detailed explanation of your appeal rights and the process for challenging our overpayment determination.

4. Tell us how you would like the overpayment examined and waived, so you are not required to return it.

In most cases, Social Security pays the right people the right amounts at the right times, and the Social Security Association ensures that this happens.

Though customers depend on the agency to reduce overpayments & make the recovery as well as waiver procedures easier to handle when they do happen, there is room for improvement.

The law requires the agency to ask for compensation when someone is overpaid, which might put the recipients in a difficult financial situation.


What Should You Do If You Get A Notice About Social Security Overpayment in 2024?

Please let us know if, as a young child receiving Foster Care monies, you were overpaid and the State was your agent payee at the time.

You can ask for a review if you think the amount was incorrect, or you weren’t compensated.

We will keep paying you until we make a decision if you seek an appeal within 60 days of getting the notice.


Social Security Overpayment Notice 2024: Data From The Previous Year


According to the government, of the $1.3 trillion paid out to senior citizens, survivors, and people with disabilities in financial year 2022, overpayments amounted to $6.5 billion, or roughly 0.5%.

Additionally, it estimated that there was an overpayment of $4.6 billion, about 8%, from the $57.6 billion in Supplemental Security Income given to seniors and people with disabilities who were low-income in that particular year.

The SSA (Social Security Administration) collected over $4.9 billion in overpayments in fiscal year 2023, but $23 billion in neglected payments remained at the end of the year.

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