Social Security Payment Schedule May 2024: Date For VA, SSDI & SSI Deposits

Similar to last month, the Social Security Administration (SSA) department reported that May will offer numerous payment plans to qualified Americans.

It is considered an entitlement programme since Social Security levies, which are invested in two distinct Social Security trust funds. They are used by employers, employees, and independent contractors to pay for these benefits.

A person’s employment history and Social Security contributions determine their eligibility & the amount of financial assistance they receive. The points listed below cover the Social Security Payment Schedule for May 2024.

Social Security benefits for Americans 65 years of age or older. As such, it is necessary to notify retirees of the schedule for benefit payouts.

For the 0.7% of recipients who receive physical checks each month, this is especially important. For the other 99.3%, they should be informed of when their earnings from Social Security is deposited immediately to prevent overspending.

Social Security Payment Schedule May 2024: Overview


Program Social Security Payment May 2024
Name Of Country USA
Month May
Year 2024
Department Name Social Security Administration
Beneficiaries Senior Citizens, disabled and low and no income Americans
Category Finance
Name Of Portal

SSI Payment Date May 2024


The SSI Payment Date May 2024 states that if you are receiving benefits, your payment ought to arrive by mail or else direct deposit on Wednesday, May 1, 2024. On the other hand, SSI beneficiaries whose first of the month comes on a Saturday or Sunday will get their payments on Friday.

The increase in benefits from Social Security for May 2024 compared to the previous year is a significant change. For retirees, this change amounts to a much-needed 3.2% rise in benefits.


Social Security Check May 2024: SSDI Payment Dates


For the majority of beneficiaries, the SSDI Payment Dates May 2024 are based on the recipient’s birth date. The dates for the Social Security payout for May 2024 are listed below:

1. Your benefits will be awarded by the SSA based on your birth date. If your birthday falls between 1 and 1 to 10, you will receive benefits on May 8th, which is the second Wednesday of the month.

2. If your birthday falls between the eleventh and the twenty-first of the month, the department will provide you with all the advantages.

3. This implies that you can make use of your benefits on May 15, which falls on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

4. You are the candidate who will receive benefits on May 29, the 4th Wednesday of the month. This is so, if your birthday falls between the dates twenty-one and thirty-one of the month.

5. If you’re the one benefiting from these programmes, it is crucial that you are aware of the payment deadlines.


Social Security Payment Schedule May 2024: Steps To Claim


Since you will be the one receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration, the information below will assist you in claiming your May 2024 Social Security payment.

1. In the event that you choose the online alternative, you must first visit, the organization’s official website.

2. This is the page on which you can choose the appropriate option based on your age, gender, or status: senior citizen, adult, or child.

3. Following this section, you can create a password and username that will last forever.

4. It’s time to complete the application and update all of your documentation to meet the requirements of the programme.

5. After you click the submit button, the government will review your application and proceed with the next step.

6. In the event that you are unable to use the online option, you must fill out an application and mail it to the SSA office closest to you.

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