1,415 SSI Payment Date 2024 – Update On Social Security Benefits Eligibility & Amount

For US citizens who fulfilled the qualifications, the US government approved a $1415 SSI payment in April 2024.

The United States government created the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program to give low-income, disabled, or older citizens financial assistance.

Through this program, children with disabilities may be eligible for financial help. On January 1, 415, 2024, SSI payments are made to citizens based on their birth date.

Every month on the first, the payment is due. The maximum amount of Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which is paid into qualifying people’s bank accounts immediately, will be $1,415 in 2024.

Eligible citizens of the United States may apply for the program by going to the official website at https://www.ssa.gov prior to the payment deadline.

In addition to this payout, Social Security will also be making new $2200 direct deposits in April 2024.


Please verify your eligibility for the 1,415 SSI Payment in 2024 using the information below.

1. The combined resources of a couple and an individual do not exceed $3000 and $2000, respectively.

2. Americans who are 65 years of age or older. those who have a chronic disability and are at least 64 years old.

3. people or kids who are crippled and blind for life. Individuals or kids making less or no money.

4. If a candidate meets the previously stated eligibility requirements established by, they may be eligible to receive $1415 in SSI benefits.

Program Name 1,415 Supplemental Security Income Payment 2024
Governing Body US Government
Administrated By Social Security Administration
Applicable in The United States of America
Payment Amount $1415
Beneficiary Individuals with less income, senior citizens, and those with permanent disability
Payment Date Birth Date of eligible US Candidates
Category Finance
Official Website https://www.ssa.gov/

1,415 SSI Payment Schedule 2024

The citizen’s birth date is used to compute their 1,415 SSI Payment Schedule for 2024. The payment dates can be shown using the payment dates schedule.

Source: investbihar

If the payment day falls on a holiday, the payment will be paid the day before.

The steps to claim your 1,415 SSI payment for 2024 are as follows.

1. isit https://www.ssa.gov, the official SSA website.

2. Your unique ID and password can be obtained by clicking the corresponding box in the portal’s options.

3. After completing the application, confirm that the data you submitted is correct.

4. As instructed by the Social Security Administration (SSA), upload the required files. After the application is finished, send it in.

5. Your application will be assessed by the authorities.

Amount of Supplementary Security Income in 2024

1. For singles, the expected monthly payments are $943; for dependents, they are $742; and for couples, they are $1415.

2. The $1 bottom discernment may be the final figure.

3. Divided by twelve, the most recent dividend for each year is found.

4. To find the monthly amount, add the amount to the unrounded yearly total.

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