The Best Feature of Google Gemini App Revealed !! It Can be open in Multi-Window Mode

Initially introduced as a response to ChatGPT by the industry, Gemini AI has evolved into a cornerstone of Google’s app development strategy, impacting every app and service, including Workspace apps. Even though Gemini AI has received a lot of improvements, its multitasking ability has drawn attention. Still, the most recent addition to the app’s beta version suggests that Google’s adored AI chatbot may soon be able to multitask.

Now Gemini app can be Access in two seperate windows

Users will apparently be able to access Google’s Gemini app for Android in two separate windows at once thanks to a new feature. The functionality was noticed in the most recent Google app beta version, however beta testers are not currently able to see or use it. According to the article, users can launch the Gemini app and the Gemini AI assistant in tandem within the multi-window interface, enabling them to access each separately. Google has not yet disclosed when the feature will be released.

The Best Feature of Google Gemini App Revealed

This experimental feature was found in the most recent Google Apps for Android beta (version 15.26.34), according to Android Authority. In most cases, users can activate the Gemini AI assistant by turning on this functionality. Users can hold down the top handle when the interface appears as a pop-up on the bottom screen. You will be able to drag the popup to the top of the screen by doing this.

Like with the Gemini app or website, a second window will open after publication. The Gemini AI assistant popup is still active, and the multi-window interface is turned on simultaneously.

How to get started with Gemini Mobile App

To boost your ideas, have a conversation with your Gemini mobile app. Get assistance with event planning, sending thank-you notes, acquiring new skills, and more. Gemini may link to Google apps known as Extensions, which include YouTube, Gmail, and Maps, making tasks easier. To get assistance in innovative ways, use text, speech, photos, and your camera. ¬†You might use any of the following as your “Gemini mobile app”:

  • The Gemini app for Android, which also functions as your personal assistant
  • The Google app’s Gemini tab on iOS

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