Dolton Appoints Mayor Pro Tempore In Tiffany Henyard’s Absence

Dolton’s board of directors chose a mayor pro tempore on Monday to take over for the troubled mayor Tiffany Henyard. Trustee Jason House was elected mayor temporarily to approve municipal business and handle bill payments while Henyard was away.

Tiffany Henyard
Tiffany Henyard; Source- The US Sun

All About Tiffany Henyard

Henyard, the Thornton Township Supervisor and self-described supermayor of Dolton, has come under fire for alleged corruption. Dolton’s local demanded Henyard’s resignation and heckled her during her recent Village Board meeting.

The board claims that Henyard is neglecting village matters and that her relocation was necessary to keep Dolton running smoothly.

Tiffany Henyard’s Negligence

They claim that she has skipped twenty-five of the special meetings and that she won’t include certain items to the agenda for the regular meetings of the village.

She has already blocked the board’s request for a federal probe into her alleged financial mismanagement. This week she blocked its attempt to hire Lori Lightfoot, a former mayor of Chicago, to oversee a special investigation into her.

Tiffany Henyard Labelled As Worst Mayer

Henyard said Lightfoot would not be paid for the information she was obtaining on his purported mishandling of finances and spending, despite Lightfoot being paid $400 per hour to do so.

Critics have labelled Henyard the worst mayor in America, claiming that she has committed several unethical acts. She was using taxpayer funds for opulent Las Vegas purchases and turning police raids into weapons.

FBI’s Subpeonas

The embattled mayor has also drawn criticism for an alleged incident of sexual assault by one of her allies on a trip to Vegas. As part of an investigation, the FBI served two federal subpoenas last month.

The first contained the employment records, personnel files, and disciplinary reports of twenty-five Dolton workers, including Keith Freeman, the village administrator and principal assistant to Henyard, and three police officers.

On Monday, the FBI charged Freeman with bankruptcy fraud. Freeman was the target of the second subpoena. The second subpoena sought documents from all businesses connected to him and any potential connections to the community.

Six people, including company owners, a former village employee, and one or more public officials, have spoken to the FBI about the mayor’s alleged misbehaviour in February, prompting reports that the FBI was looking into the matter.

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