US H1B Visa Lottery 2024: Full Details, Application Procedure, Alternative Of OPT And Important Dates

The United States immigration office have concluded US H1B Visa Lottery 2024. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has contacted the selected candidates. Beginning April 1, 2024, the H1B cap-subject petition may be submitted to USCIS for at least 90 days.

US H1B Visa Lottery 2024
US H1B Visa Lottery 2024; Source- India Today

US H1B Visa Lottery 2024: Full Details

Registrations were slated to take place from March 6 to March 22. However, due to a technical difficulty, the last day to register was pushed back three days to March 25.

USCIS announced that it obtained enough applications for unique recipients during the initial application period to meet the FY 25 H1B ceiling. USCIS has informed the chosen candidates.

Many international professionals aspire to work in the United States. The H1B visa program has provided a pathway for numerous people seeking to improve their careers in the United States.

However, the latest lottery results have  disappointed many. It is important to realize that this obstacle is not what defines your immigration journey.

US H1B Visa Lottery 2024: Application Procedure

The candidate must be qualified to work in the R&D process and possess advanced training or practical skills. Those who meet all conditions will be eligible for the USA H1B Lottery 2024. To begin the application process, candidates must first register on the USCIS webpage. The candidates will be chosen using a lottery system, and the registration fee is $10 per application.

An H1B cap-subject appeal must be properly filed at the appropriate filing site or online at within the timeframe specified on the relevant selection notification. Petitioners must contain a copy of the relevant selection notification with their FY 2025 H1B cap-subject petition.

Visa name H1B Visa
Applicability USA
Given by whom Employer to employee
Benefit One can apply for Green Card
Eligibility Bachelor’s degree with special skills
Registration dates 6 to 25 March 2024
Registration mode Online
Selection process Lottery scheme
Documents required Mentioned below
Time period 3 years
Registration fee $10
Post type News

Every year, the demand for H1B visas exceeds the yearly ceiling of 85,000. It prompts the USCIS to implement a lottery system for selection. Indian technology experts have benefited significantly from H1B cap-subject visas, obtaining over 70% of the total visas accessible, including 20,000 under the master’s quota for advanced US degrees.

US H1B Visa Lottery 2024: Alternatives Of OPT

One prevalent misperception among international students is that they must be in Optional Practical Training (OPT) to submit applications for the H1B lottery. If you want to apply for the lottery, you do not need to be in the United States on OPT. So, if you are nearing the end of your OPT period and plan to leave the United States, you can apply for the H1B lottery.

While obtaining a sponsor may be more difficult, it is not an impossible process. This flexibility gives hope to individuals who may have felt their chance had passed with the expiration of their OPT. Considering Alternative Visa Paths The H1B visa is just one of numerous high-skilled visa options available.

There are several high-skilled visa classifications. Here are a few alternatives:

Sponsored O-1 Visa: This visa is for people with exceptional skill or achievement in disciplines such as science, arts, business, education, or athletics. With the present administration’s emphasis on STEM disciplines, AI, and future technologies, the O-1 visa may be a feasible alternative that many have not previously explored.

TN Visa: Available to Canadian and Mexican nationals. This visa is for experts in particular professions which comes under United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) .

E-3 Visa: This visa is only available to Australian nationals and is similar to the H1B but customized specifically for Australians.

E-1/E-2 Visa: For citizens of treaty countries who engage in considerable trade (E-1) or investment (E-2) in the United States.

L-1 Visa: If your firm has worldwide offices, you may be eligible for an intra-company transfer visa.

US H1B Visa Lottery 2024: Important Dates

Event  Dates 
H1B Lottery Application 2024 1 March 2024
Application end date 25 March 2024
Selection of candidates 31 March 2024
Round 2 1 August 2024

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