VA Disability Benefits 2024: Overview, Amount, And Payment Schedule

Veterans of the US military encountered many dangers while serving in various branches. This can often result in illnesses or mishaps that impair their current health and employment opportunities. In such a case, veterans are entitled to disability compensation payments.

VA Disability Benefits 2024
VA Disability Benefits 2024; Source- CNN

The federal government of the United States offers several financial benefits to veterans who live in the country. The VA benefits program offers the highest level of financial assistance.

VA Disability Benefits 2024: Overview

The Department of Veterans Affairs will issue two direct payments in May. Although the DVA only schedules one payment per month, this time around it has a VA Benefits May 2024 Payment Date of May 31, the prior business day, because June 1st falls on a Saturday.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) manages benefit plans for active veterans, their families, and themselves. Among these benefits are life insurance, house loans, pensions, schooling, disability benefits, vocational rehabilitation, support for bereaved families, health care, and funeral expenses.

VA Disability Benefits 2024: Amount

The VA releases new disability pay scales for veterans in December each year; these pay scales are valid until December of the following year. As a result, the VA disability benefits for January through November 2024 are currently available.

According to the Veterans’ Administration, veterans will continue to receive increases in benefits after 2023 as a result of COL modifications. A veteran is eligible for a minimum $171.23 monthly compensation.This applies to all veterans having a 10% disability rating. These benefits will increase to USD 338.49 if they are granted a 20 per cent handicap rating.

Veterans with a disability rating between thirty per cent and one hundred per cent will receive monthly compensation, contingent upon their family status at the time of application. The size of the veteran’s family usually affects the payout.

Payment Schedule

Month  Payment Date
May 31 May
June 1 July
July 31 July
August 30 August
September 1 October
October 1 November
November 29 November
December 31 December


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