Yes Bank Share Price Target In 2025: Here’s The Share Price Update

Yes Bank Share Price Target In 2025: The present share price of ₹28.90 is discussed, along with future targets, for the Yes Bank share price. The expected share values from 2024 to 2030 are also discussed. It is expected that investors will have stability with Yes Bank’s NSE stock in the upcoming years. After resolving its major non-performing asset problem, the bank is expected to continue to grow at a potential rate and maintain a favourable range for the share price. However, before making any investments, India Dekho Property suggests that investors consult a professional.

Yes Bank Share Price Target In 2025_ Here's The Share Price Update
Yes Bank Share Price Target In 2025_ Here’s The Share Price Update

Yes Bank Share Price Target

Established in 2004, Yes Bank is a private-sector bank in India, founded by Ashok and Rana Kapoor. With its main office located in Mumbai, the bank has gone through several phases in its existence. Its share price has also increased significantly; this will be covered in more detail later in the essay. Yes Bank’s share price target for 2024–2030 is ₹24.10; in 2025, it is ₹35.50; in 2026, it is ₹41.13; in 2027, it is ₹52.50; in 2028, it is ₹61.70; and by 2030, it is ₹80.00.

Yes Bank Q4 Results

Pace 360’s Amit Goel offered commentary on Yes Bank’s Q4 2024 results. He noted that last year’s profits for the bank increased to ₹451 crore from ₹202 crore. The net NPA increased to 0.6% from 0.80%, while the gross NPA decreased to 1.7% from 2.2%. For Paytm users, Yes Bank started functioning as PSP Payment Bank in Q4.

According to Shreyansh V. Shah, a research analyst at StoxBox, who decoded Yes Bank’s Q4 figures for 2024, the bank achieved impressive results. Due to lower money set aside for future losses and increasing revenue from sources outside of ordinary banking operations, the bank’s earnings climbed dramatically both year over year and quarter over quarter. The bank fared well in crucial areas including profit margins and problematic loans despite high interest rates, suggesting it is fixing previous problems. An important accomplishment was the higher income from non-interest sources and enhanced Return on Assets, which demonstrated the effectiveness of the bank’s prior tactics.

Share Price Target 2024 To 2030

Yes Bank Share Price Target


Yes Bank Price Target 2024


Yes Bank Price Target 2025


Yes Bank Price Target 2026


Yes Bank Price Target 2027


Yes Bank Price Target 2028


Yes Bank Price Target 2029


Yes Bank Price Target 2030


Share Price Target 2024

With an emphasis on business and retail banking services, Yes Bank began as a full-service bank in 2004 and swiftly grew to become one of India’s top private sector banks. With a target share price of ₹24.10 by 2024, the bank’s shares have been rising gradually and are predicted to continue expanding in the future. The goal share price of Yes Bank for 2024 is ₹24.10 in order to stimulate further expansion.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2024


January 2024


February 2024


March 2024


April 2024


May 2024


June 2024


July 2024


August 2024


September 2024


October 2024


November 2024


December 2024


Yes Bank: Share Price Target 2025

Yes Bank raised more money and expanded after conducting its first initial public offering (IPO) in 2005. Yes Bank’s shares at the time saw a sharp increase following the IPO, which significantly aided in the company’s expansion. The goal for Yes Bank’s share price in 2025 is ₹35.50 in order to motivate additional expansion.

Yes Bank Share Price Target 2025


January 2025


February 2025


March 2025


April 2025


May 2025


June 2025


July 2025


August 2025


September 2025


October 2025


November 2025


December 2025


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