$8000–$17000 Social Security Increase 2024: Overview, Eligibility Requirements, And Payment Schedule

The US government is sending VA, SSDI, and SSI payments  to the eligible individuals. Social Security Income beneficiaries may get an additional $8000–$17000 Social Security Increase 2024. Seniors are already given monthly pension payments by the state government.

$8000–$17000 Social Security Increase 2024
$8000–$17000 Social Security Increase 2024; Source- Forbes


Every year, the US government has been raising SSI benefits to beneficiaries to increases in the cost of living and inflation.

You can expect an increase in the SSI amount in 2024 due to the 3.8% increase in COLA over the previous year. Many people are finding it difficult to pay for needs like food, groceries, Medicare, and other bills.

Consequently, the government is paying disabled claimants receiving SSDI and VA benefits up to $8,000–$17,000 in SSI compensation.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Every single recipient must hold permanent US citizenship.
  • The minimum annual income requirement for each beneficiary is $2,000.
  • The candidate must be 65 years of age or older.
  • Before submitting the increase request, it is crucial to take a few things into account.
  • After that, you can go to the SSA’s official website to begin the application procedure for federal benefits.

Payment Schedule

The US federal government has implemented several payment schemes aimed at providing low-income Americans with access to funds so they can better manage their living expenditures.

At the beginning of every month throughout the year, there are only two payment programs available: Supplemental Security Income and Veteran Disability Benefits.

Date of Birth  Payment Dates 2024
1 to 10 Second Wednesday
11 to 20 Third Wednesday
21 to 31 Fourth Wednesday

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