Canada Minimum Wage: Which Canadian Provinces Have The Lowest Minimum Wages? 

In Canada, the minimum wage is the lowest permissible wage rate that a company can offer. While each province sets its own minimum wage, the federal government of Canada is ultimately in charge of determining the federal minimum wage.

Employees working under federal jurisdiction are entitled to the federal minimum wage. The minimum wage in Canada is subject to change by the government based on economic and other pertinent factors.

What Is Canada’s Minimum Wage?

As of right now, the minimum wage in Canada is $16.65. The Canadian government sets the federal minimum wage, which is currently fixed at this amount. This is the legal minimum hourly wage that employers are required to pay their staff members.

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Canada Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in Canada will take effect on April 1, 2023. Prior to this, Canada’s federal minimum wage was $15.55 per hour. The Minimum Wage Database has more details about the minimum wage in Canada.

Since June 26, 2019, the minimum wage in the province of Alberta has remained at $15 per hour. Furthermore, from April 1, 2020, Nunavut has maintained the same minimum hourly salary of sixteen dollars.

On the other hand, other provincial governments consistently modify their wage rates in accordance with demands and modifications.

The government’s minimum wage database contains information on hourly wage rates as well as historical changes to these rates. If an employee works in a province or territory with a higher minimum pay than the federal minimum wage, they should be compensated at the higher rate.

Certain Canadian jurisdictions may additionally impose unique fees on particular professions. The provincial government often provides this information. All employers must abide by these regulations and pay their workers the required wages in accordance with the predetermined standards.

Jurisdiction Minimum Wage
Yukon 16.77 dollars
Saskatchewan 14 dollars
Alberta 15 dollars
Manitoba 15.30 dollars
British Columbia 16.75 dollars
Quebec 15.25 dollars
Prince Edward Island 15 dollars
Nunavut 16 dollars
Ontario 16.55 dollars
Northwest Territories 16.05 dollars
New Brunswick 14.75 dollars
Newfoundland and Labrador 15 dollars
Nova Scotia 15 dollars

What Are Canada’s Province-Wise Minimum Wages?

As previously stated, the provinces determine the minimum wage rate within their own territories. While the minimum wage rates in some provinces have changed, those in other provinces have not.

You may find out more about the minimum wage rate for general workers by going to the province governments’ official websites.

In the upcoming year, a few provinces’ minimum hourly earnings are expected to be raised.

Yukon province has the highest provincial pay in Canada, at 16.77 dollars per hour. Some governments have published the overtime wage rates for respective provinces in addition to the normal hourly wages.

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