Paid Maternity Leave 2024: Know About Eligibility For Paid Maternity Leave In Australia 

Maternity leave allows women to recover from childbirth and strengthen their bond with their offspring. To enable these families to spend some precious time with their newborn, the Australian government pays for maternity care during these crucial times. 

Every employee is entitled to paid leave as per the National Employment Standard, and the employer is responsible for granting these leaves. Prior to submitting an application for paid leave, the mother ought to have worked for ten or thirteen months. Paid leave is also an option for those who have recently quit working or been fired.

The mother is eligible to get Special Maternity Leaves if she had any unclear problems during her pregnancy. During the second trimester of the pregnancy, the mother should inform her employers and request a leave of absence.

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Who Is Eligible For Paid Maternity Leave?

To be eligible for the benefit, individuals must fulfill a few prerequisites. This section covers the essential requirements:

1. The candidates must be citizens of the nation and permanent residents. They ought to be in possession of the necessary paperwork proving their address. The gasoline, water, and power bills are examples of such documents.

2. When requesting a benefit, immigrants must submit official documentation of their nationality and proof of residency. They ought to have been citizens of the nation for at least ten years.

3.  must file all of their prior year’s tax returns in order to be eligible for the benefit. It is expected that the payers will not have any outstanding tax returns to file by the Allowance disbursement date.

4. Salary stubs and other relevant documentation, along with proof of employment, should be provided by candidates who have been working and making the minimum wage.

5. The applicants’ threshold limit ought to be less than the given sum. $151350 is the total required to receive the reward.

6. The documentation pertaining to the allowance is required for any additional benefits they may be getting from the government or central authority.

7. The application for paid leave is also open to close relatives or adoptive parents who are caring for a newborn in an uncertain situation.

8. To demonstrate their obligations to the infant, they should present pertinent documentation, such as adoption letters and other certifications.

The Quantity And Duration Of Paid Maternity

Leave both over 20 weeks, the benefit pays both the mother and child’s essential expenses. Eight weeks of parental leave are available to the father of the kid so that he can spend time with his child.

The National Minimum Wage will be used to determine how much was paid during these leaves. The mother on leave currently receives $772 per week for her primary holidays. The amount that the fathers would receive will depend on their monthly income as well as the industry minimum pay.

In the next months, the extra two weeks of leave will be added to the plan. The candidates may divide up the leaves while sharing parental responsibilities for the child; all leaves cannot be taken at once. It is possible to think of the first sixty days as a block, and the payment schedule will also apply to this period.

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