Exide Share Target Price Predictions for the Year 2024 & 2025

Exide Share Target Price – In 1947, Exide Industries Limited was founded. The largest producer of lead-acid batteries and energy storage systems is Exide Industries. Excide Industries is a multinational corporation based in India. Batteries for UPS inverters are also produced by Exide Industries. West Bengal’s Kolkata is home to Excide Industries’ corporate headquarters. Ten production sites for Exide Industries are located in India.

In India, Exide Industries Limited operates ten industrial locations. Eight factories produce lead acid batteries, while two factories produce residential UPS systems. Excide Industries operates seven subsidiary firms to support its global business operations.

Exide Company Financial Analysis

The company’s financial results appear to be doing fairly well. continuing with yearly development that is respectable. Simultaneously, the company’s debt is considered insignificant; hence, its cash reserves are steadily growing. As a result, the business will advance significantly in the upcoming days.

Exide Share Price Target 2025 to 2030

There could be changes in Exide Industries’ share price. In 2025, the share price of Exide Industries ranges from ₹432.40 at the lowest to ₹441.55 at the top.

Exide Share Target Price Predictions for the Year 2024 & 2025

Exide Share Target Price 2024

Price For July 2024 ₹418.45
Price For August 2024 ₹420.70
Price For September 2024 ₹422.55
Price For October 2024 ₹425.05
Price For November 2024 ₹429.35
Price For December 2024 ₹431.90

Exide Share Target Price 2025

Month Target Price
Price For January 2025 ₹432.40
Price For February 2025 ₹429.10
Price For March 2025 ₹433.75
Price For April 2025 ₹436.80
Price For May 2025 ₹438.20
Price For June 2025 ₹440.15
Price For July 2025 ₹442.60
Price For August 2025 ₹443.35
Price For September 2025 ₹441.70
Price For October 2025 ₹442.80
Price For November 2025 ₹444.09
Price For December 2025 ₹441.55

Is Exide share good for long term?

In my opinion, this is about ₹9 per share for Exide Industries. It has made between ₹8 and nearly ₹10 per share in certain years. Hence, ₹9 per share seems like a reasonable price. For the previous five years, Exide Industries’ average PE multiple has hovered around 20–22 times. Thus, we can take an average of about 21 times.

These projections, however, could alter in response to shifting market dynamics as well as other internal and external factors that could have an impact on the business’s performance. It is important for investors to stay alert and knowledgeable in order to navigate the stock market’s fluctuations and make wise investment decisions.

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