Vodafone Idea Share Target Price Predictions for the Year 2024 & 2025

Vodafone Idea Share Target Price – The share price goal for Vodafone Idea, a well-known telecoms firm in India, is 2025. The primary objective of the organization is to determine a price for the upcoming year. This article will provide you with the Vodafone Idea share price projection for 2025 as well as the following years: 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, and 2030.

Rivals like Reliance JIO and Bharti Airtel were getting more and more powerful, which led to the founding of the corporation. Its integrated all-India headquarters are in Mumbai and Gandhinagar. The company offers a variety of services including 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G in addition to LTE for Advanced VoLTE. The company’s objective for share price also fits forecasts.

Vodafone Idea Share Target Price

Vodafone Idea Share Price Target

Vodafone Idea Share Target Price 2024

Month Target Price
Price For July 2024 ₹17.05
Price For August 2024 ₹17.60
Price For September 2024 ₹18.20
Price For October 2024 ₹18.35
Price For November 2024 ₹18.78
Price For December 2024 ₹18.53

Vodafone Idea Share Target Price2025

The value of Vodafone Idea Limited’s shares could change. In 2025, the Vodafone Idea (VI) share price ranges from ₹18.65 at the lowest to ₹21.34 at the top.


Target Price

Price For January 2025 ₹18.65
Price For February 2025 ₹18.99
Price For March 2025 ₹19.65
Price For April 2025 ₹19.45
Price For May 2025 ₹19.34
Price For June 2025 ₹19.79
Price For July 2025 ₹20.60
Price For August 2025 ₹21.45
Price For September 2025 ₹21.79
Price For October 2025 ₹21.55
Price For November 2025 ₹21.78
Price for December 2025 ₹21.34


There is a significant risk to the corporation, though, as two other significant telecom providers, Jio and Airtel, are contesting the stock price on the stock exchange. When its services were first introduced, Jio lost most of its users because of these two formidable competitors, which had a detrimental effect on the share price of the business.

In addition to the data that is immediately accessible, this share price objective is predicated on the estimates of multiple market experts. Combining two successful firms created the company, and now the partners who contributed to its creation are benefiting from it and taking part in its growth. To make stock research easier for investors, a share price projection for the next years has been developed.

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