Check Out The Union Bank Share Price Target 2025

Union Bank Share Price Target – With more than 15, crore customers served by its more than 8,500 branches and more than 12,800 ATMs, Union Bank of India is the fourth-largest public sector bank in the nation. Union Bank of India recently merged with two other banking institutions, Corporation Bank and Andhra Bank (2020). By bringing the total number of branches to 9,609, this union increased the UBI’s assets, which date back a century, to Rs 14.59 lakh crore. This strengthened the scope of UBI services, which include finance, insurance, investment banking, and consumer banking.

Check Out The Union Bank Share Price Target 2025
Check Out The Union Bank Share Price Target 2025

Over the last 30 days of trading on the National Stock Exchange, the share price of Union Bank of India has fluctuated, going from one high point to another low point on its trading trajectory.

Investors will be able to make better decisions by reading this article, which will discuss the key elements influencing the Union Bank of India Share Price Target 2025 and beyond. We will also walk you through the Union Bank of India share price prediction made by renowned specialists in the share market.

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Union Bank Latest News

  • The share price of Union Bank increased by 3.55% as of Monday, March 18, 2024, at 3:30 PM. On Saturday, March 16, 2024, the UBI share price opened a little lower than its previous closing of Rs 148.
  • The largest car manufacturer in the nation and leader of the auto industry, Maruti Suzuki India (MSI), and Union Bank of India, the fourth-largest public sector bank in the nation, have reached an agreement to improve the financing experience for customers at all 4,000 of MSI’s vehicle sales outlets.
  • The UBI “Committee of Directors for Raising Capital Funds” recently approved the raising of capital up to Rs 3,000 cr in February 2024. The equity shares were to be sold for a floor price of Rs 142.78 to qualified institutional buyers in order to raise these funds.

Union Bank Share Price Target 2024

Month (2024) Maximum Target MinimumTarget 
January Rs – Rs –
February Rs – Rs –
March Rs 158.00 Rs 134.85
April Rs 162.22 Rs 137.10
May Rs 164.83 Rs 138.19
June Rs 168.25 Rs 142.22
July Rs 171.10 Rs 144.02
August Rs 175.92 Rs 147.06
September Rs 179.09 Rs 149.05
October Rs 183.17 Rs 152.92
November Rs 186.03 Rs 155.90
December Rs 188.62 Rs 157.30

Union Bank Share Price Target 2025

Month (2025) Maximum Target MinimumTarget 
January Rs 192.10 Rs 159.09
February Rs 195.06 Rs 162.54
March Rs 199.95 Rs 164.80
April Rs 203.91 Rs 167.04
May Rs 207.05 Rs 169.16
June Rs 209.50 Rs 171.03
July Rs 214.51 Rs 175.06
August Rs 216.82 Rs 178.00
September Rs 218.42 Rs 179.76
October Rs 222.00 Rs 182.74
November Rs 225.21 Rs 185.90
December Rs 228.60 Rs 187.90

Union Bank Share Price Target 2026 to 2030

Year  Maximum Target Minimum Target
2026 Rs 254.20 Rs 189.74
2027 Rs 287.02 Rs 210.06
2028 Rs 316.08 Rs 232.81
2029 Rs 342.99 Rs 254.09
2030 Rs 377.87 Rs 275.76

The trajectory of the Union Bank share price history on the National Stock Exchange is rather V-shaped. If you look at the Union Bank of India Share Price NSE, you can see that the stock started trading at Rs 15.30 in October 2003 and reached its peak point in October 2010 at Rs 426 per share. However, given that the price of a share of UBI is currently trading at Rs 153.25, it indicates a decline of more than 150% in the company since that time.

But since March 22, 2024, the price of Union Bank shares has increased by 141%, giving investors a remarkable return on their investment during the previous 12 months.

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The fiscal year 2023 financial statement of India’s fourth-most valuable public sector bank presents a confident and robust picture. Included in this are the positive net profit, revenue, advances, and interest income of UBI.

The most crucial thing for an investor to think about, aside from other crucial elements like the stock’s performance over the last several years, is the financial matrix of the stock in the most recent fiscal year.

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